Dionisio Farm and Produce

Dionisio Produce


Irrigating the fields with water off the Bessemer Ditch


The corn is growing quickly


A few weeks makes a big difference for our cabbage fields

And the corn grows quickly as well

This is the same fields two weeks later

This cabbage will likely be ready to harvest in the middle of July

Squash is growing nicely


The first planted corn is about 5 feet tall right now

John McKowen visits the farm.  Looks like the corn is just under 6 feet tall before the 4th of July

Dionisio started harvesting cabbage today (7-10-12)

Corn has started to tassel out


Squash is growing quickly

And the pumpkins are growing right on schedule

The first load of squash is in the truck and ready to ship.


Below is our warehouse full of pumpkins, ready to ship before Halloween